XEBEC Brush™ Surface

We have made our Ceramic Stones into rods!
Using ceramic fiber as abrasive material, it contains no grains.
The tips of the bristles work as cutting edges to remove burrs and finish edges.
Also, it enables automation of deburring and removal of cut marks by mounting it into machining centers, robots, drilling machines etc.
Ideal for the automation of deburring and cutting work removal.

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XEBEC Floating Holder™

This is an optional tool used with XEBEC Brush Surface.
This tool provides quality stabilization, reduction of manufacturing management, as well as extension of tool life.
It can also be mounted on various machines ranging from drilling machines to NC lathes.

XEBEC Brush Length Adjustment Tool™

This is an optional tool used with XEBEC Brush Surface.
This tool can be adjust the brush length inside of a machine in easily.

XEBEC Cross-Hole Deburring Tool

This is a tool that can automate precision deburring of cross-holes.
We offer two different types of cross-hole deburring tools:
the ceramic stone type for point processing by hand tools,
and the ceramic fiber rod type for simultaneous deburring and inner wall polishing.
Not only can rod type tools perform precise deburring by spreading brushes via centrifugal force during rotation,
it can also polish inner walls of cylinders and remove mill scales and foreign substances.

XEBEC Ceramic Stone

This revolutionary grindstone is "No Breakage", "No Cracking", "No Chipping" and easy to shape.
High polishing efficiency and uniform finishing can be ensured.
It is best suited for precision polishing of various molds, and removing EDM scales.
We offer a wide lineup, covering use for coarse grits to fine-finishing.