Product: XEBEC Brush™ End type

XEBEC Brush for Surface End Brush 製品イメージ

Machinery & Hand Tools Can be used with hand tools or on machining centers.

鋳物ケース研磨 イメージ

Best for suppressing the undulation of the surface, deburring flat and curved surfaces, and polishing.

金型ベース研磨 イメージ

Please use by contacting a flat surface with the tip of the tapered section.

Best for deburring flat and curved surfaces, cutter mark removal, and surface polishing.


・High grinding power at the tips of the bristles.
・Improve the surface roughness significantly in a short period of time.
・Has soft contact on the surface, suppressing the undulation of the workpiece.


・Post-machining minute deburring of detailed components.
・Removing tool marks after end milling
・Surface finishing (removing post-processing marks and scales)
・EDM scale removal

Deburring of precision areas

微細バリ取り イメージ

Surface polishing

表面研磨 イメージ

Deburring of Hole & Edge

穴、エッジ部バリ取り イメージ

Removing cutter mark mismatch

カッターマークミスマッチ除去 イメージ

Basic Use

[Polishing of Flat Surface]

  • Attach to a hand tool, and apply brush to work surface at approximately a 45 degree angle.
  • Apply as constant a load as possible, and keep the depth of cut to a minimum (under 1mm).

[Polishing, Edges & Deburring Rough Area]

  • When polishing edges and deburring uneven areas, please work with lower revolutions and a lighter load. Also, please do not apply excessive pressure on the edges with the sides of the fiber bristles.

Effective Use

[Bristle Length]

  • With usage over time, the overall length of bristles may shorten, resulting in more grinding power but less fit. Please adjust the grind and fit by decreasing the number of revolutions and load (depth of cut).


  • Press the tip of the rotating brush against polishing paper stuck onto a board to adjust the shape of the brush. Do the same for the dressing as well.

[Dry & Wet Processing]

  • The brush can be used for both dry and wet processing. Please use a dust collecting device to collect dust generated during dry processing.

Precaution In Use

[Pre-processing Inspection]

  • Conduct a test run for at least 1 minute before starting operation, and test for at least 3 minutes after replacing the brush. Check for abnormalities such as vibrations, looseness of the brush axis joint, or looseness of the adjusting screw that controls the projection of the ceramic fiber bristles.
  • * Even if there are no abnormalities during the test run, if you notice anything unusual such as vibration during usage, please stop the operation immediately. Breakage, deformation, or damage to the brush may be hazardous.

[Maximum RPM]

  • Please use under a maximum of 12,000 min-1. Usage over the maximum rotation speed is dangerous as it may result in tool breakage.
  • * It is dangerous to use pneumatic tools over 12,000min-1 as generally the tools will break when exceeding that point.
  • * Use at around 7,000min-1 is recommended.

[Grinding Load & Depth of Cut]

  • Usage with an excessive load (depth of cut) may not only give less than optimal results, but also may lead to breakage and scattering of ceramic fiber bristles. This is especially prone to occur when processing edges and uneven areas, therefore, in these cases it is necessary to process with a low enough rotation speed and a lighter load.
  • When using the rotary tools, please read the instructions and warnings of use when attaching tools, and be sure to use the tools under the maximum amount of revolutions.
  • * Please use the tip of the tapered portion.

Operation Safety Measure

[For protective Equipment]

  • Always wear protective goggles, gloves and masks when oparating the tool. Wear long sleeves, tight cuff, and clothing to minimize skin exposure.

[Pre- operation inspection]

  • When mounting on machines, insert the shank end all the way to the bottom of the chuck, and secure it tightly.
    Stop the tool immediately if you find anything unusual such as vibration; dangerous head or shaft breakage, deformation or even tool breakdown may occur.

[Beware of Grinding Powder]

  • Grinding powder and burrs may scatter within an area around the work as the tools revolve; please stay clear of this area.
    When using on high-precision equipment, the abrasive powder may adversely affect the sliding parts, so please be sure to collect any dust and keep clean the equipment.

[Caution to your surroundings]

  • The area around your work is hazardous in case flying pieces of fiber rods from the tools and grinding powder may scatter, enclose your working area to prevent other people entering, or have the people surrounding your work area protective equipment as well.
Operation Safety Measure


Product Code Bristle (color) Brush Diameter Bristle Length Corresponding Sleeve
Product Code
A13-EB03M A13 (Pink) Φ3mm 30mm No Φ3 shank/sleeve
A11-EB06M A11 (Red) Φ5mm 20mm No Φ3 shank/sleeve
A21-EB06M A21 (White) Φ5mm 20mm No Φ3 shank/sleeve