Product: XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft

XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft 製品イメージ

Machinery & Hand Tools This tool can be used with handgrinders as well as in machining centers.

マシニングセンタ使用時 イメージ ハンド工具使用時 イメージ
均一なバリ取り加工 イメージ

Slightly vibrated in the axial direction.

コンタリング イメージ

Used for contouring.

Efficiently removes fine burrs on cross-holes.


・Tool head is made of ceramic fiber stone. Cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface.
・Flexible shaft for soft contact with the workpiece.


Comparison of results of cross-hole deburring after drilling with a Φ3.5mm drill
バリ取り加工前 イメージ

Work Material / S45C
Tool Rotation Speed / 5000min-1
Processing Time / 1 seconds
primary hole diameter / Φ5mm
secondary hole diameter / Φ3.5mm

バリ取り加工後 イメージ


Cross-hole deburring on machining center
用途・事例 イメージ 用途・事例 イメージ

バリ取り加工前 イメージ バリ取り加工後 イメージ

Workpiece material / S48C
Tool speed / 1500min-1
Processing Time / 3 seconds
Cutting volume / 0.5mm
Diameter of primary hole / Φ6mm
Diameter of secondary hole / Φ5mm

How to use

  • Please select a head that is slightly larger than the diameter of the secondary hole (ensures both adaptability and life span of tool)
  • If you are concerned about the efficiency of deburring, choose gray approx. #200.
    (If you are concerned about the precision and surface roughness of the finished edge, select orange #400 or blue #800)
  • Aim for a speed of around 60% of the maximum revolution speed for each tool size. * strict adherence of maximum speed
使用方法 イメージ
  • Rather than the primary hole, we utilized the shaft's elasticity to lightly cut into the burred area of the secondary hole. Cutting load reference = about 1N (100gf, bending displacement amount: 0.5mm)
  • * Adhere strictly to the maximum cutting load = 5N (500gf, bending displacement amount: 2mm) or less.
使用方法 イメージ

Precaution In Use

[Pre-operation Inspection]

  • When mounting on a rotary tool, insert the shank end all the way to the bottom of the chuck, and secure it tightly.
  • Conduct a test run for one minute or more before starting operation, and check for abnormalities such as tool vibration or looseness.
  • Even if nothing abnormal occurs during the test run, stop the tool immediately if you find anything unusual such as vibration; dangerous head or shaft breakage, deformation, or even tool breakage may occur.

[Maximum RPM]

  • Use below the maximum 10,000min-1 for φ6, 12,000min-1 for φ5, 13,000min-1 for φ4 and 15,000 for φ3mm diameters. Usage above the maximum rpm may result in breakage of the head and shaft.

[Target Burr Size]

  • This tool is intended for post-machining fine deburring of a base thickness of 0.2mm or less.
当ツールにおける交差穴とバリ取りの定義 イメージ


  • When the head shape has become deformed, lightly apply the outer circumference of the head to an electrodeposited diamond grindstone while rotating the tool to adjust the shape. Please perform dressing in the same manner.

Operation Safety Measure

[For protective Equipment]

  • Always wear protective goggles, gloves and masks when oparating the tool. Wear long sleeves, tight cuff, and clothing to minimize skin exposure.

[Pre- operation inspection]

  • When mounting on machines, insert the shank end all the way to the bottom of the chuck, and secure it tightly.
    Stop the tool immediately if you find anything unusual such as vibration; dangerous head or shaft breakage, deformation or even tool breakdown may occur.

[Beware of Grinding Powder]

  • Grinding powder and burrs may scatter within an area around the work as the tools revolve; please stay clear of this area.
    When using on high-precision equipment, the abrasive powder may adversely affect the sliding parts, so please be sure to collect any dust and keep clean the equipment.

[Caution to your surroundings]

  • The area around your work is hazardous in case flying pieces of fiber rods from the tools and grinding powder may scatter, enclose your working area to prevent other people entering, or have the people surrounding your work area protective equipment as well.
Operation Safety Measure


Target diameter of primary hole Head Size Head shape Product Code
Equivalent to Blue # 800 Equivalent to Orange # 400 Equivalent to Gray # 220
over Φ3mm Φ3mm Sphere CH-PB-3B CH-PO-3B CH-PM-3B
Φ3x3mm Cylinder CH-PB-3R CH-PO-3R CH-PM-3R
over Φ4mm Φ4mm Sphere CH-PB-4B CH-PO-4B CH-PM-4B
Φ4x4mm Cylinder CH-PB-4R CH-PO-4R CH-PM-4R
over Φ5mm Φ5mm Sphere CH-PB-5B CH-PO-5B CH-PM-5B
Φ5x5mm Cylinder CH-PB-5R CH-PO-5R CH-PM-5R
Φ5x10mm Cylinder - - CH-PM-5R-C01
Φ6mm over Φ6mm Sphere CH-PB-6B CH-PO-6B CH-PM-6B

Head: ceramic stone
Shaft: Ø1.5X40mm
Shank: Ø3X30mm