Product: XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant

XEBEC Ceramic Stone Heat-Resistant 製品イメージ

Used for ultrasonic tools In addition to XEBEC Ceramic Stone Meister Finish Tools' performance (which don't break, don't crack), durability has been enhanced for prolonged use with ultrasonic tools.

超音波工具 イメージ

* used in ultrasonic tool

Doesn't burn! Doesn't soften! Efficiency is outstanding!


・The resistance temperature of XEBEC Ceramic Stone Heat-Resistant is 200°C.
・Ideal for removing EDM scales.
・Can be used to polish deep slits of ribs, at full length.


・Ideal for precise polishing of various forming molds.
・It is more effective when mounting with electrical tools, ultrasonic tools or air tools.
・Can efficiently polish workpieces under HRC57.

用途・事例 イメージ 用途・事例 イメージ

Basic Use

Stick Type

  • スティックタイプの使用方法 イメージ
  • Use the tip at an angle to the surface of a workpiece.
  • It is most efficient at an angle of 5-45 degrees with the workpiece.
  • スティックタイプの使用方法 イメージ
  • Polishing and deburring using the side of the tool.
  • * There is no polishing ability for flat part.

Effective Use

  • 効果的な使用方法 イメージ
  • Use with vibration tools (ultrasonic, air, electric etc.)
  • Heat-resistant grindstone is best for ultrasonic tool.
  • Ideal tool length depends on each ultrasonic tool. Also, please note if a tool is not mounted on ultrasonic tool securely, excessive heat may be generated.
  • 効果的な使用方法 イメージ
  • Coolant will increase efficiency in polishing.
  • * Coolant is reccomended when polishing plastic molds.

Effective Use

  • 効果的な使用方法 イメージ
  • Using an Electrodeposited Diamond File, it is possible to grind tips of the tool in accordance with the workpiece shape. (Truing/Dressing)
  • Using an Electrodeposited Diamond File, notches can be made from both sides.


  • Please check the appropriate output. The tool may break or generate heat when output is too large.
  • Please check the appropriate length. If the length is inappropriate, the tool may not oscillate, or concentrated output may result in heat generation.
  • Please clamp securely. Poor clamping may concentrate output, resulting in excessive heat generation.
  • Polishing performance may vary depending on the structure and method of the clamp in use. Read carefully the instruction manual of your ultrasonic tool.

XEBEC Heat-resistant Ceramic Abrasives

  • *Equivalent grit
Thickness x Width x Length (mm)
Dark Brown
1x4x100 HR-1004M HB-1004M HO-1004M HD-1004M HV-1004M
1x6x100 HR-1006M HB-1006M HO-1006M HD-1006M HV-1006M
1x10x100 HR-1010M HB-1010M HO-1010M HD-1010M HV-1010M
2x4x100 HR-2004M HB-2004M HO-2004M HD-2004M HV-2004M
2x6x100 HR-2006M HB-2006M HO-2006M HD-2006M HV-2006M
2x10x100 HR-2010M HB-2010M HO-2010M HD-2010M HV-2010M