Product: XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Pencil

XEBEC Ceramic Stone XEBEC Ceramic Stone Pencil 製品イメージ

Polishing narrow details
for deburring
Ideal for polishing engraved and narrow details of mold!

・It is easy to shape using electrodeposited diamond files, grinders, etc.
・It is possible to do point processing without damaging the surroundings.


The custom-made holder firmly supports ultra-fine XEBEC Ceramic Stone Meister Finish.


・Able to use XEBEC Ceramic Stone Meister Finish with a professional drafting pencil.
・Hard to break, and possible to use up to the end.


・Ideal for polishing the stamping and narrow part of molds.
・It can polish efficiently for workpieces up to HRC57.(Please use XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Diamond for the workpieces over HRC57.)

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Effective Use

  • Using lubricant prevents clogging and increases polishing efficiency.
  • The shape of the tip can be shaped by an electrodeposited diamond file.


  • For the stone, please use the holders specified by our company by attaching 1 per holder. (Grindstone may become stuck in the holder if more than 2 are mounted.)
  • When the portion of the stone projecting from the holder becomes longer, it tends to break more easily. Please be cautious.
  • If the stone becomes short, pull out while pressing the knock on the holder and replace the new stone from the holder tip or by inserting from the top.

Pencil Type

Product Code Equivalent grit Color Dimensions (mm) Pack of Corresponding Holder
Red 0.5x0.5x50 3 PCL-5
3PACK-AR-0909S 0.9x0.9x50 3 PCL-9
Blue 0.5x0.5x50 3 PCL-5
3PACK-AB-0909S 0.9x0.9x50 3 PCL-9

Each comes in a set of three.

Pencil Holder for XEBEC Ceramic Stone

Product Code Size of Pencil Tip Corresponding Pencil Type
PCL-5 Φ0.7mm (0.5mm square) AR-0505S AB-0505S
PCL-9 Φ1.3mm (0.9mm square) AR-0909S AB-0909S