Innovation begins with the impossible.

Meaning of wrestling with burrs

Burrs, inevitably generated after machining.

XEBEC has been advocating the concept of “CNC deburring and polishing” for more than 10 years.
The concept is grounded in the idea that simple works should be automated as much as possible and humans should engage with challenging and creative works.
A meaningful life must come from recognizing one’s own growth by challenging.

However, deburring has been ignored for long time by the “No burr left” description on the drawing.
We have been restricted by the myth of deburring: “Manual deburring is the only way to remove burrs.”
We want to put all our energy into spotlighting such fields and defying the stereotypes, then turn the impossible into the possible to make innovation happen.

Innovation is not on the line of KAIZEN (improvements).
Innovation occurs only by self-denial.

Strengths of XEBEC

Strengths of XEBEC

The sources of the competitiveness of XEBEC are
・Differentiated material
・Technological capability and marketing capability to develop products that maximize the strength of the differentiated material
・Capability to make a proposal to solve users’ deburring problems by understanding their real situation
・Manufacturing technology and quality control that can provide a stable supply of high-quality products
・Business development power to enhance the value of the products
・A solid financial foundation that backs up all of the strengths

First, we started with a ceramic stone business.
We brought innovation into the conventional polishing stone field with chemical technology.
We developed a unique ceramic fiber whose crystal structure is the most suitable for polishing and grinding.
We now dominate more than 80% of the global market share of the ceramic stone field.
This is great evidence that we have the high technology and know-how to provide a stable supply of high quality products in high volume, coping with a changeful business climate.

Second, we challenged convention by making ceramic stone bristles.
We are the world’s first company that has succeeded in making ceramic stone bristles and developed a completely unique new product, the XEBEC brush.
We started our deburring tool business with seed-oriented thinking to advance the idea of “Wouldn’t it be a unique product if we could make a brush from our unique ceramic stone?”
And then, we searched suitable applications and finally crystalized the innovative concept of “CNC deburring and polishing” for the business.

Diversity (Direct dealing with more than 40 countries and global first-class end users)

Diversity (Direct dealing with more than 40 countries and global first-class end users)

For both of the businesses, we deal directly with more than 40 countries and our export ratio is about 70%.The key is diversity.
Our basic stance is to deal and communicate directly with local companies.
That makes it possible for us to understand the differences of culture, history, and industrial structure in each country.
Our members have a variety of backgrounds and respect human diversity with great communication, strategic planning, and execution ability.
Based on such abilities of our members, we can develop a win-win relationship with our partners.

Most of our end users are global first-class companies from various fields, like automotive, aerospace, and medical.
They are not just people who use our products; they are our important partners who drive “CNC deburring and polishing” on the manufacturing floor.
Through the productive and positive discussions with them, understanding their needs and desires, we can continue to be a reliable company for them, which leads to our growth.

Get the right people on the bus.

Get the right people on the bus.

Those who hear customer voices and feel customer needs are our members.
Those who develop technologies and products are our members.
Those who manufacture and properly deliver the products are our members.
Those who make the products in use are our members.
Those who help back up members are also our members.

That is the reason why we focus on recruiting.Get the right people on the bus.
We hire only those who suit our company culture and have high potential.
Regardless of their experience, a belief in themselves, flexibility, vision, growth willingness, thinking, and being a hard worker are the criteria.
If fellow passengers on the bus are of the same mind, the journey must be enjoyable even if something unexpected or accidents happen on the way, wherever the final destination is.

The role of a company is to provide its members with infrastructure, culture, and opportunity to challenge
The company is for the members to grow by trial & error.
With the process of each step forward, we provide values to our families, colleagues, business partners, and customers.
That is the meaning of life and the meaning of existence for a company.

Each member represents XEBEC and the assemblage of the members is XEBEC.
Both the members and the company must keep working hard and be ever-changing for growth and evolution.
Belief in our members’ possibilities leads to XEBEC’s possibilities and, moreover, to the enhancement of the possibilities for society.
To achieve a future that turns the impossible into the possible, we will doubt assumptions and keep on challenging.

Norihiko Sumiyoshi

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