XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™ FAQ

XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™

Why the tool life of the Cutter is so long?

There are three reasons for long tool life of the Cutter;
(1)it can maintain minimum cutting amount,
(2)the contact point of the spherical cutting edge is continuously shifting, and
(3)the Cutter is specially designed for deburring with high-quality material and coating.

How long is the tool life?

The tool life depends on stiffness of workpiece or jig, machining accuracy, and burr size. According to the internal test, the Cutter lasts couple times longer than general carbide end mill.

Is it possible to customize the Cutter such as cutting the tip or shank?

No, we do not deal with cutting service.

Is it possible to re-grind the Cutter?

No, it is not possible. If you re-grind the Cutter, the Cutter shape will be changed. Then the Cutter would not contact to the hole edge. We do not deal with re-grinding request.

Which kind of workpiece materials can be processed?

Not only non-ferrous metal such as aluminum alloy, but also difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel or alloy steel can be processed.

Can it be used for aluminum alloy?

According to our internal test, the Cutter could process aluminum alloy without creating build-up edge.

Can it be used for hardened steel? What is the maximum hardness of workpiece material?

We haven’t performed any test with high hardness material.

Can the Cutter remove drill cap burr? 

Yes, but it depends on hardness of the burr.

Which size of burr can be dealt with the Cutter?

If burr root thickness is smaller than the deburring amount, burrs can be removed by the Cutter. We prepare 5 kinds of deburring amount for each cutter diameter. Please refer to How to Use page for details.

What is the recommended coolant?

We have no specified coolant. You can use coolant for other cutting tools (drilling, end mill etc.)

Is it possible to process intermittent cutting?

As same as other cutters, tool life will be extremely shortened for intermittent cutting.

What is the accuracy and the tolerance of the Cutter?

The Cutter is designed for deburring purpose, so that it cannot be used for high-precision processing.

Can we buy one cutter as minimum unit?

Yes, you can purchase the Cutter from 1 unit.

Can we use the Cutter, even if the workpiece has flat surface and cylindrical shape inside?

The Cutter can be dealt with both flat surface hole and cross-hole, so you can combine each Path.

Do secondary burrs occur after using the Cutter?

This is cutting process, so that secondary burrs may be occurred in a precise sense. However, the Cutter has excellent cutting ability, so that any secondary burrs mostly would not occur, unless the Cutter wears out.

How is the accuracy of deburring amount?

Deburring amount will be varied depends on positioning gap of workpiece, or runout of the Cutter. In theory, allowance of deburring amount is within 0.05mm.

Can we buy only the Cutter, not with the Path?

Yes, you can buy only the Cutter. But we recommend you to use the Cutter and the Path together, because it will lead maximum effect for cutting quality and tool life.

Is there any limitation for processing condition?

Yes, please refer to Process Condition page.

If our machine does not meet the recommended spindle speed, how should we set our processing condition?

If your machine doesn’t satisfy the recommended spindle speed, lower the spindle speed and table feed at an equal rate.

Why does deburring amount become uniform with the Cutter & Path?

Tool positioning is calculated precisely for uniform deburring amount.

Is there any expiry date for using the Path?

No. There is no expiry date.

Can we use the Path for other companies’ tool which has the same diameter?

No, it is prohibited to use any other kinds of tool besides the XEBEC Cutter, when using the XEBEC Path.

What is the difference between the XEBEC Path and other path created by trigonometric function or CAD/CAM?

In case of a path by trigonometric function, difference of deburring amount will be up to a few millimeter depending on combination of hole size. In case of a path by CAD/CAM, it will take long time to output a path data, also deburring amount is one kind.

Can we use the Cutter, when cutting edge of cylindrical hole is on casting surface?

No, you cannot use the Cutter for casting surface because of poor dimensional precision. It may cause burr remaining or tool breakage.

Dimensional precision is poor, but is it possible to use the Cutter & Path?

It depends on the level of dimensional precision, but it may cause burr remaining or tool breakage.

Is it possible to receive the Path with other media other than CD (e.g. via email etc.)?

The path is delivered in CD. However, if you cannot use CD in relation with your drive, please contact a distributor in your area.

Is it possible to adjust coordinates on the Path?

Yes, it is possible to adjust coordinates. Make sure to use the incremental path and adjust the start point.

What will be happened, if hole position on the workpiece is misaligned from the original position?

Please use the Path within maximum 0.03mm of cumulative error. Allowable cumulative error for each cutter diameter is described on the Process Condition page. If cumulative error becomes more than allowable cumulative error, it may cause burr remaining or tool breakage.

Do we need any special function to use the Path?

The Cutter and Path requires high-speed and high-accurate machining. It is recommended to use advanced preview control function.

what is the size of one Path file?

Standard size is less than 5KB.

How many lines in one Path file?

In case of cross hole with main bore dia.φ20mm and cross hole dia.φ10mm, the number of program block will be approx. 80 lines, and program capacity is about 2KB. The number of program block can be twice, depending on size combination between primary bore and cross-hole.

What is file format for the Path program?

It is “.txt” format. You can edit the file by general document software on your PC.

What is the content of the Path data? Are program number (O number), other preparatory function (G code), or auxiliary symbol (M code) included in the program?

The Path data contains coordinates data (e.g. X, Y, Z coordinates)only. Please add O number, G code, or M code by yourself. In addition, please note that feeding speed command (F code) is not included in our program.

Is it possible to specify the deburring amount other than 5 kinds of specified ones?

No, it is not possible.

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