XEBEC Brush™ Surface Lineup/How to Select


XEBEC Brush Surface Cup type 

Product code Brush color  Brush diameter  
Ceramic fiber bristle length
Matching sleeve
(Product code)
Maximum rotation speed
A13-CB06M A13(Pink) φ6mm 30mm S06M 10,000min-1
A13-CB15M φ15mm 50mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A11-CB06M A11(Red) φ6mm 30mm S06M 10,000min-1
A11-CB15M φ15mm 50mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A11-CB25M φ25mm 75mm S25M 5,000min-1
A11-CB40M φ40mm 75mm S40M-SD10 3,000min-1
A11-CB60M φ60mm 75mm S60M 2,000min-1
A11-CB100M φ100mm 75mm S100M 1,200min-1
A21-CB06M A21(White) φ6mm 30mm S06M 10,000min-1
A21-CB15M φ15mm 50mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A21-CB25M φ25mm 75mm S25M 5,000min-1
A21-CB40M φ40mm 75mm S40M-SD10 3,000min-1
A21-CB60M φ60mm 75mm S60M 2,000min-1
A21-CB100M φ100mm 75mm S100M 1,200min-1
A31-CB06M A31(Blue) φ6mm 30mm S06M 10,000min-1
A31-CB15M φ15mm 50mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A31-CB25M φ25mm 75mm S25M 5,000min-1
A31-CB40M φ40mm 75mm S40M-SD10 3,000min-1
A31-CB60M φ60mm 75mm S60M 2,000min-1
A31-CB100M φ100mm 75mm S100M 1,200min-1
*Brush and sleeve are separate items. Mount a brush to a sleeve before use
*One row of bristle is embedded around the periphery (except for the A13/A11/A21/A31-CB06M and end-types)

XEBEC Sleeve 

Product code Shank
Sleeve external diameter 
Full length
brush (Product code)
Maximum rotation speed
S06M φ6mm φ10mm 70mm 30mm φ6mm A13/A11/A21/A31-CB06M 10,000min-1
S15M-P* φ6mm φ18.5mm 90mm 30mm φ15mm A13/A11/A21/A31-CB15M 6,000min-1
S25M φ8mm φ30mm 140mm 30mm φ25mm A11/A21/A31-CB25M 5,000min-1
S40M-SD10* φ10mm φ45mm 140mm 30mm φ40mm A11/A21/A31-CB40M 3,000min-1
S60M φ12mm φ65mm 150mm 35mm φ60mm A11/A21/A31-CB60M 2,000min-1
S100M φ16mm φ110mm 162mm 40mm φ100mm A11/A21/A31-CB100M 1,200min-1
*The external cylinder of the S15M-P is made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP).
*Contact us for S40M (φ8mm shank).
*When in use, the length of the brush projection is added to the length of the sleeve.

Tool Schematic


XEBEC Brush Surface End type

Product code Brush color Brush diameter Shank diameter Maximum rotation speed
A13-EB03M A13(Pink) φ3mm φ3mm 6,000min-1
A11-EB06M A11(Red) φ5mm φ3mm 12,000min-1
A21-EB06M A21  (White) φ5mm φ3mm 12,000min-1
*For the end-type brush, the brush and shank are a combined unit, so a sleeve is not used.

Tool Schematic


How to select

Grinding power differs depending on brush color. 
Refer to the chart below and select brush color based on the workpiece material and burr root thickness. 

Brush color (deburring)


Burr root thickness


Brush color (cutter mark removal and polishing )


Brush size

Select a brush size based on workpiece size and shape, interfering objects such as jigs, attachable tool length and cycle time.

It is recommended to use a brush size which is 1.5 to 2 times wider than the width of the surface of the workpiece. 



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