XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole Extra-Long


XEBEC Brush Crosshole Extra-Long

XEBEC Brush Crosshole Extra-Long is suitable for a bore depth over 140mm up to 370mm when chucking allowance is 30mm. Full length of the tool is 400mm for a red brush (A12) and 410mm for a blue brush (A33).

The basic usage method is same as XEBEC Brush Crosshole, however the difference from XEBEC Brush Crosshole is that a resin collar must be attached to prevent deflection. Also, always make sure to use the tool in a state where the resin collar is stored inside the workpiece.


XEBEC Brush Crosshole Extra-Long is a customized item. The shank and the brush part are separate items and the shank part can be reusable.
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Product code Brush
diameter a
Collar diameter b Full length L   Shank
diameter c
CH-A12-3F φ3mm φ4.8~φ7.8mm
CH-A12-5F φ5mm φ7.8~φ9.8mm 400mm  φ6mm
CH-A12-7F φ7mm φ9.8~φ19.8mm 400mm  φ8mm
CH-A12-11F φ11mm φ13.8~φ19.8mm 400mm  φ12mm
CH-A33-3F φ3mm φ4.8~φ7.8mm 410mm  φ4mm
CH-A33-5F φ5mm φ7.8~φ9.8mm 410mm   φ6mm
CH-A33-7F φ7mm φ9.8~φ13.8mm 410mm   φ8mm
CH-A33-11F φ11mm φ13.8~φ19.8mm 410mm   φ12mm

Tool schematic

 Brush part is replaceable and shank part can be reused.

Processing conditions

Product code Brush
diameter a
main bore
Recommended rotation speed Maximum rotation speed
CH-A12-3F φ3mm φ5~8mm 7,000~10,000min-1 12,000min-1 
CH-A12-5F φ5mm φ8~10mm 8,000~10,000min-1 12,000min-1
CH-A12-7F φ7mm φ10~20mm 7,000~9,000min-1 12,000min-1
CH-A12-11F φ11mm φ14~20mm 6,000~7,500min-1 12,000min-1
CH-A33-3F φ3mm φ5~8mm 7,500~9,000min-1 12,000min-1
CH-A33-5F φ5mm φ8~10mm 7,500~8,000min-1 12,000min-1
CH-A33-7F φ7mm φ10~14mm 6,500~8,000min-1 12,000min-1
CH-A33-11F φ11mm φ14~20mm 6,500~8,000min-1 12,000min-1


  • Attach the collar to the shank and thrust in the brush holder to the shank. Make sure to insert the brush holder all the way to the end (there should be no gap between the contacting surfaces). Use two wrenches to securely tighten and fix it with the permissible tightening force shown in the table above.
  • After fixing it, check that there is no gap between the contacting surfaces of the brush holder and shank. Make sure that the collar rotates with ease. Otherwise, disassemble and clean the tool because foreign materials may have entered.


  • Select a collar with diameter that is around 0.2mm to 0.3mm smaller than the inner diameter of the target hole.
  • The collar is an expendable product that wears down. When the tool's rotational vibration becomes large, replace it with a new one (periodic replacement or replacement at the same time as brush is recommended). 
  •  Collar may wear out faster where the inner peripheral surface of the primary processing hole is rough. Replace the collar to a new one when the amount of wear reaches dia. 0.5mm.
  •  Once the deflection of the tip of the tool exceeds 0.5mm, stop using it and replace it with a new shank (periodic replacement is recommended). (It is very dangerous to use the tool when the deflection exceeds 0.5mm because there is a risk that the shank will break and scatter.)

Precautions in use

  • Use a full-cover type machine tool. Beakage of the bristles or shank will result in scattered pieces, which cause a severe risk.
  • Select a tool size that corresponds to the target hole diameter. Selecting the wrong tool size poses a risk of breakage, deformation or damage of the bristles and/or shank.
  • Make sure to insert the part from the tool tip to the collar into the target workpiece before rotating the tool. Rotating the tool in air causes risk of damage or scattering of the bristles and/or shank.

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