XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft How to Use


XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft has grinding power on the entire surface of the head portion. It allows deburring in various ways as long as the tip of the head portion contacts with the processing area.
The ball type is capable of deburring hole edge after drilling by point processing or removing back burrs after drilling by contouring.
The cylinder type is suitable for deburring blind holes.


Applicable Equipment

The tool can be mounted on equipment that control the rotation speed.
It can be used on machining center, combined lathe, robot, special machine, and drilling machine, as well as an electronic grinding tool.

How to use

Rotation Speed

The tool has high grinding power even at low rotation speed. Start from 1,000min-1, and then gradually increase the rotation speed.
Head Diameter  Maximum Rotation Speed
φ3mm 15,000min-1
φ4mm 13,000min-1
φ5mm 12,000min-1
φ6mm 10,000min-1
φ10mm 6,000min-1
Usage over the maximum rotation speed may result in breakage of the head and shaft. 

Depth of cut

Gently place the head on the workpiece. Aim for approximately 1N (100g, bending displacement of 0.5mm).


Start from 300mm/min. There is no upper limit of use.

Deburring after drilling

Use the ball head size slightly larger than the edge size and deburr by pressing the head against it.

Deburring around a blind hole after drilling

Use the cylinder-shaped head type and deburr by pressing it against the hole while moving it up and down.

Deburring back burr after drilling

Use the ball head type that is slightly smaller than the edge size, and deburr by contouring.

Deburring the top burr after grooving

Use the ball head type that is slightly larger than the groove width, and deburr by moving the head back and forth across the groove.

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