XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ XEBEC Ceramic Stone

Structure of XEBEC Ceramic Stone

  • XEBEC Ceramic Stone uses the original abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grains.
  • No breaking, No cracking, No chipping  

Meister Finish Stick type

  • The original ceramic fibers are aligned from two directions.
  • High grinding power on the tip.
  • Efficient polishing performance and strength.

Meister Finish Rod type

  • Braided structure developed by the unique technology. 
  • Cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface; both the tip and sides has high grinding power.
  • Can be used with high rotational speed without splitting the tip.

Finishing Data

Polishing method: Hand polishing (wet)
Workpiece material: NAK55
Polishing area: 30mm x 15mm

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