XEBEC Brush™ Wheel Type XEBEC Ceramic Fiber Brush

Structure of XEBEC Ceramic Fiber

XEBEC Brush uses abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. One single bristle consists of 500 -1,000 ceramic fibers that works as cutting edges, providing excellent cutting ability.

The XEBEC ceramic fiber has 3 features: "overwhelming grinding power", "consistent cutting performance" and "no deformation", which enables CNC deburring and polishing.

Strength 1: Overwhelming grinding power

Our uniquely developed ceramic fibers themselves are the abrasives and its fiber content ratio is over 80%. Cutting edges that are made up from the tip of each fiber bristle create overwhelming grinding power.

XEBEC Brush has 60 times higher grinding power compared with nylon brushes and steadily removes burrs

Strength 2: Consistent grinding power to the end

Due to the structure of XEBEC ceramic fiber, new cutting edges are always exposed. The brush maintains consistent cutting performance to the end, enabling CNC deburring and polishing.

Strength 3: No deformation

XEBEC Brush maintains its straight shape and does not spread out like a toothbrush even after repeated use. Thus, it is ideal for CNC deburring and polishing in mass production line.

Amazing polishing power

XEBEC Brush is made of ceramic fiber bristle which was developed for mold polishing. Its high grinding power improves surface roughness in a short time.
Best achievable surface roughness  Ra=0.1μm (Rz = 0.4μm)

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