XEBEC Brush™ Wheel Type Process conditions

Processing conditions

Initial Processing Conditions

Product Code Cutting Speed
Spindle Speed 
Feed per Bundle
Table Feed
Depth of Cut mm
W-A11-50 250 1600 0.5 4800 0.2
W-A11-75 250 1000 0.5 3000

Range of Processing Conditions

Product Code Cutting Speed
Feed per Bundle
Depth of Cut
Max. Spindle Speed
W-A11-50/W-A11-75 150350 1.5 and under Less than 0.5*1 3000
*1 As bristles are worn out, bristle length becomes shorter and increases shiftness, causing bristles to be broken. If bristles breakage occurs, decrease the depth of cut.
*The processing conditions differ depending on the state of burrs. Make adjustments according to the quality of the workpiece.

If burrs remain

Increase the number of passes.
Then, decrease the feed rate.

To extend tool life

Increase the feed rate.

If burrs are too large

Use multiple passes as described below.
Gradually move the brush closer to the bottom of burrs; increase the depth of cut step by step.
If trying to remove burrs in 1 pass, it may cause excessive tool wear, tool breakage or burrs may not be removed.
Calculate the maximum height of burrs before using the tool.
e.g. Remove burrs by 3 passes: Ae:-0.2mm → Ae:0mm → Ae:0.2mm

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