XEBEC Brush™ Wheel Type How to Use

Applicable equipment

 It is necessary to control the spindle speed and the depth of cut to use XEBEC Brush Wheel Type.
  • Machining center: milling chuck holder, collet chuck holder.
  • Milling lathe: milling holder for X-axis and Z-axis
  • Robot, etc.



How to engage

From the top view, the best approach is to place a center of a brush at the center angle to the edge. (figure 1)
Burrs on Face A and B can be both removed.
Edge quality becomes stable if a brush is rotated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
Brush position on figure 2 is effective for burrs on Face A in the same way as figure 3 for burrs on Face B.

Dry or wet machining

The tool can be used for both dry and wet (both oil-based and water-soluble) machining.
Wet machining may improve surface finish quality and too life.


Macro Program

 To use the XEBEC Brush Wheel Type, the depth of cut must be kept small. It is necessary to offset the wear amount in a radial direction.

 Use a macro program or manually offset the wear amount. Refer to the example below.


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