XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole Process conditions

Processing conditions

Before using XEBEC Brush Crosshole, make sure to set up 2 parameters; rotation speed and feed rate.

Recommended rotation speed is different depending on brush diameter. See the recommended rotation speed and the target bore diameter shown below.

A uniform deburring and edge quality can be obtained by rotating the tool in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
Start the feed rate from 300mm/min.

Recommended rotation speed

The continuous line (-) represents the recommended rotation speed when using a new tool.
The dotted line (- - -) represents the diameter of brush expansion when the brush bristles have worn down 10mm. 
You can continue to use the tool by adjusting (i.e. increasing) the rotation speed according to the wear amount.

CH-A12-1.5M (φ1.5mm Red Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ3.5~φ5mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 9,000~11,000min-1

CH-A12-3M / CH-A12-3L(φ3mm Red Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ5~φ8mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 7,000~10,000min-1


CH-A12-5M / CH-A12-5L(φ5mm Red Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ8~φ10mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 8,000~10,000min-1


CH-A12-7M / CH-A12-7L(φ7mm Red brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ10~20mm
【Recommended rotation speed】7,000~9,000min-1


CH-A12-11M / CH-A12-11L(φ11mm Red Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ14~φ20mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 6,000~7,500min-1


CH-A33-3M / CH-A33-3L(φ3mm Blue Brsuh)

【Target hole diameter】 φ5~φ8mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 7,500~9,000min-1


CH-A33-5M / CH-A33-5L (φ5mm Blue Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ8~φ10mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 7,500~8,000min-1


CH-A33-7M / CH-A33-7L (φ7mm Blue Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ10~φ14mm
【Recommended rotation speed】 6,500~8,000min-1


CH-A33-11M / CH-A33-11L (φ11mm Blue Brush)

【Target hole diameter】 φ14~φ20mm

【Recommended rotation speed】 6,500~8,000min-1

If burrs remain

Increase the rotation speed to the upper limit of 1,000min-1 or increase the number of passes. (Be careful not to exceed the maximum rotation speed.)

If the workpiece cannot be deburred even by the above-metioned procedures, the machining condition may be incorrect or the burr size is too large. Change the brush with higher grinding power. The blue brush has higher grinding power than the red brush.

To extend tool life / If the edge is too rounded

Decrease the rotation speed in increments of 500min-1 or increase the feed rate in increments of 100mm/min.

Contact us for the details. 

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