XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve™ How to Use(φ25φ40)

Applicable equipment

XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve must be mounted on an equipment which enables to stop and hold the sleeve at the fixed position.

Adjustment amount

Predetermined length can be adjusted between 0.05mm to 1mm in 0.5mm increments in a single action.

How to Use

 Make sure to read the user manual before use.

How to set XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve

<Example> If the sleeve main body travels in Y-direction of the rack gear

With the main spindle at its normal orientation angle, mount the sleeve on the main spindle so that the side gear of the sleeve is directed towards the rack gear. Then, check that the datum plane of the sleeve is parallel to the Y-axis.
Ensure to adjust the “Tilt a” below 0.25mm. 

How to mount the rack gear

Mount the rack gear away from interferers (jigs, etc.) and in a position where an operating area (tool interfering area) can be ensured as shown in below figure.

Securely fasten the hexagonal brace with the torque 
40N/m on the slide table. Also, securely fasten the rack gear to the hexagonal brace with the torque 15N/m using a wrench. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the main body and/or the machine when the sleeve passes through the rack gear.

How to decide projection adjustment cycle

1. Figure out the amount of brush wear by a process quantity or travel length.
2. Set and execute the macro program so that the projection amount is adjusted at the given intervals.

Use process quantity; a cycle time is more important

Deburring an aluminum part  
Travel length: 200mm per workpiece 

Brush wear: 2μm per workpiece 
Brush wear: 0.2mm per 100 workpieces (Total ravel length 20,000mm)

<Adjustment cycle> 
Set the cycle to every 100 workpiece (0.2mm brush wear)

Use travel length; processing quality is more important

Finish processing of a cast-iron part's edges  
Travel length: 1500mm per workpiece

Brush wear 50μm (0.05mm) per workpiece

<Adjustment cycle>
Set the cycle to every 1500mm (50μm brush wear) 

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