Successful Applications

Deburring (Flat Surfaces)XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point

Workpiece Information

軸付きセラミック砥石 イメージ
Industry Aircraft/Medical
Part Name Aircraft engine parts
Material Inconel
Pre-processing End milling

Processing Conditions

Not Available
Tool Used XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point (AX-PM-6T)
Description Edge deburring
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions 15000min-1
Instrument Leutor
Processing Time -
How to use Move the tool, using all of the grindstone.

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Tool Grindstone + pneumatic tools
Problems ①Severe tool wear of the grindstone required frequent replacements.
②Molding it into a conical shape required both time and effort.

After Installation

Tool XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point (AX-PM-6T)
Effect ①While a part of the side hit the edge and caused tool wear, the entire surface area of the side was used, hence the grindstone did not lose its shape and lasted longer.
②Since it was already in a conical shape, it could be used without molding it first.