Successful Applications

Deburring (Through Objects)XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point

Workpiece Information

軸付きセラミック砥石 イメージ
Industry Aircraft/Medical
Part Name Chassis
Material Aluminum
Pre-processing Drilling

Processing Conditions

Not Available
Tool Used XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point (AX-PM-6T)
Description Underside deburring after drilling
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions 15000min-1
Instrument Leutor
Processing Time -
How to use Move the tool, using all of the grindstone.

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Tool Rubber grindstone + pneumatic tools
Problems ①Processing time was prolonged due to the need of contouring the hole edge part using a rubber grindstone.
②Generated a large amount of dust, making the workplace an unfavorable work environment.

After Installation

Tool XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point (AX-PM-6T)
Effect ①With Φ6 cone shapes being able to fit in Φ5 drill holes, and the ability of point milling, it was now possible to remove burrs in 1-2 seconds and perform light chamfering.
②Tool wear is reduced, less dust generated, the workplace became more sanitary.