Successful Applications

Deburring (Flat Surfaces)XEBEC Brush™ Surface

Workpiece Information

XEBEC Brush Surface
Industry Automotive/Transport Equipment
Part Name Plate
Material SPH440
Pre-processing Cutting

Processing Conditions

Tool Used XEBEC Brush™ Surface (A11-CB60M)
Description Deburring the edges of the cut area on the plate
Used with 3 axis robot
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions 900min-1
Depth of Cut 1.0kgf
Feed Rate -
Processing Time 3 seconds per piece

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Before Installation
Tool 3M Resin Brush
Problems After deburring, the brush's edge shape was broken. The inside diameter of cross-hole H7 could not be maintained. Manufacture was impossible.

After Installation

After Installation
Tool XEBEC Brush™ Surface (A11-CB60M)
Effect Edge shape is not broken, stability of inside diameter of cross-hole H7 is maintained, required quality is met.
Impossible processing → successful automation of deburring process with a specialized machine.
Tool life: 65,000 pieces/cylinder.