Successful Applications

Deburring (Cylinder's Inner Surfaces)XEBEC Brush™ Surface

Workpiece Information

XEBEC Brush Surface
Industry Automotive/Transport Equipment
Part Name Injector body (valve side)
Material SCM
Pre-Processing Drilling

Processing Conditions

Tool Used XEBEC Brush™ Surface (A11-CB15M)
Description Machining Center
Deburring after drilling on bottom face
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions 2000min-1
Depth of Cut 4.0mm
Feed Rate -
Processing Time -

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Before Installation
Tool Abrasives-impregnated nylon brush
Problems Burrs remained and full inspection required → high cost

After Installation

After Installation
Tool XEBEC Brush™ Surface (A11-CB15M)
Effect No burrs left and surface quality and sealing ability of processed area improved.
Cost reduction was possible by the shift from full inspection to random sampling.
Achieved full automation with machining center.