Successful Applications

Deburring (Cylinder's Inner Surfaces)XEBEC Brushâ„¢ Surface

Workpiece Information

XEBEC Brush Surface
Industry Automotive/Transport Equipment
Part Name Brake Drum
Material SPHC
Pre-Processing Helical Broaching

Processing Conditions

Tool Used XEBEC Brushâ„¢ Surface (A21-CB40M)
Description Removing burrs caused by helical broach
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions -
Depth of Cut -
Feed Rate -
Processing Time -

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Tool Abrasives-impregnated nylon brush
Problems Abrasives-impregnated nylon brushes did not have enough grinding power, and grindstones did not have a good fit. Excessive burrs remained, and automation was impossible.

After Installation

Tool XEBEC Brushâ„¢ Surface (A21-CB40M)
Effect No more burrs left; full automation of process was possible.