Successful Applications

Polishing (Flat Surfaces)XEBEC Brush™ End type

Workpiece Information

XEBECカッティングファイバーエンド型 イメージ
Industry Automotive/Transport Equipment
Part Name Tire Mold
Material SS
Pre-processing End milling

Processing Conditions

Not Available
Tool Used ①XEBEC Brush™ End type (A21-EB06M)
②XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant
Description ①Cutter mark removal
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions ①7000min-1
Instrument Leutor
Processing Time -
How to use ①Use by making contact with the tapered part on the tip.
②Using an ultrasonic tool, match it up with the processing point and lightly shape with the tip of the grindstone.

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Tool ①General Grindstone
②Ceramic Grindstone from other companies
Problems ①Manual removal of cutter marks was time-consuming.
②When using an ultrasonic tool, components of the chuck were burned, shortening the life of the machine.

After Installation

Tool ①XEBEC Brush™ End type (A21-EB06M)
②XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant #800
Effect ①Using a rotary tool. Processing time was greatly reduced.
②Burns were eliminated, prolonging tool life and reducing cost. Compared to ceramic stones from other companies, it had better sharpness and polishing efficiency was increased.