Successful Applications

Polishing (Cylinder's Inner Surfaces)XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole

Workpiece Information

XEBEC Brush Crosshole
Industry Automotive/Transport Equipment
Part Name Gasoline injection control nozzle
Material SUS
Pre-processing Laser cutting

Processing Conditions

Not Available
Tool Used XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole (CH-A12-3M) + XEBEC Floating Holder™ (FH-ST12)
Description Removing tear-outs from drill hole underside
Recommended Use Conditions
Tool Revolutions 2000min-1
Depth of Cut 3kgf
Feed Rate -
Processing Time 2 seconds/piece

Installation Effect

Before Installation

Tool Abrasives-impregnated Nylon Brush
Problems Wires of abrasives-impregnated nylon brushes soon became distorted; instability resulted from variations in processing conditions.

After Installation

Tool XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole (CH-A12-3M) + XEBEC Floating Holder™ (FH-ST12)
Effect Surface roughness of polished surface of drill hole bottom was improved; quality stabilized.
Tear-outs fully removed; improved fuel control precision.
Tool life is 5 times longer than that of abrasives-impregnated nylon brushes which reduces cost and tool replacement frequency to 1/5.