Product: XEBEC Brush™ Surface

XEBEC Brush for Surface Cup Brush 製品イメージ

Brushes for machinery Install on machining equipment such as machining centers, robots, and drill presses for automated deburring, cutter mark removal, and surface polishing!


XEBEC Brush Surface uses abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. One single bristle has 1,000 cutting edges, providing excellent cutting ability.


By using our own Brush Material (Ceramic Fiber)

・Strong grinding power.
・Sharpness does not change until the end of use.
・Brush does not change shape.

Continuous, stable deburring ability!

Click here for information about rods and the structure.


・Grinding power is 20 times higher than a nylon brush. (white brush, 60sec machining time)
・Surface roughness up to Ra= 0.1µm(Rz= 0.4µm) is achievable. Superior to other brushes in terms of grinding power and surface finishing.(Results vary depending on processing conditions and processed materials.)

XEBEC カッティングファイバー カップ型の性能 イメージ


For the type of brush bristles, please check the original thickness of burrs, material of the workpiece, and the direction of burrs and choose from the following list:
* Pink brush is used for fine deburring (Φ0.3mm or 0.5mm edge of narrow groove) after precision machining.

ブラシ線材の種類 イメージ ブラシ線材色 イメージ

There are four colors of bristles: blue, white, red and pink.
Deburring ability (grinding power) differs according to the diameter of ceramic fiber.


マシニングセンタ イメージ

Machining Center

ロボット イメージ


専用機 イメージ


ボール盤 イメージ


Deburring Grinded Surface by Machining Center
マシニングセンターによる研削面のバリ取り タービンディスク イメージ
Removing Tool Mark by Machining Center
マシニングセンターによるツールマーク除去 人工股関節 イメージ

How to use

It can be set to the optimum conditions by adjusting four kinds of parameters.

  1. Depth of cut, Grinding Load
    • Processing is the most effective using the tips of the bristles. For the depth of cut, use 0.5mm to 1.0mm as a guideline, up to 1.5mm.
  2. Bristle Projection Adjustment
    • Attaching a sleeve (an external cylinder) to the perimeter of the brush allows for the projection of the ceramic fiber rods to be adjusted for fine-tuning flexibility and trackability. Longer projection increases trackability and flexibility, while shorter projection decreases them. However, please keep projection range under 20mm for φ100, φ60, φ40 and φ25, under 15mm for φ15, and under 10mm for φ6. Usage beyond the maximum projection range may result in damage to the brush.
  3. Bristle Length
    • With usage over time, the overall bristle length may shorten, resulting in more grinding power but less fit; please adjust the grind and fit by reducing the revolutions and depth of cut.
  4. Dry/Wet Processing
    • The brush can be used for both dry and wet processing. But please use a dust collecting device to collect the dust that is produced during dry processing.

To ensure the success of the deburring test

* Follow the steps below to categorize your work and select your processing conditions from the table.

確実にバリ取りテストを成功させるために ステップ表 イメージ
Red brush (A11) Good conformability can be achieved
with a moderate grinding force
White brush (A21) Strong grinding force
Blue brush (A31) Strongest grinding force

Difference in grinding power is due to
the difference in the diameter of the bristles (fibers).

Changing processing conditions...

  1. Lower the speed if the burrs cannot be removed. (1,000mm/min-1Per)
  2. If the undercut is too much, the number of revolutions will decrease. (1,000min-1Per)

Maximum Revolutions

  • Use within the following maximum revolutions. Danger: There may be damage to the brush if used at a speed exceeding the maximum speed.
Product Code Rod Type (color) Brush Diameter (mm) Bristle Length (mm) Maximum
Revolutions (mm-1)
A11-CB100M A21-CB100M
A11 (Red) A21 (White)
A31 (Blue)
Φ100 75 1,200
A11-CB60M A21-CB60M
A11 (Red) A21 (White)
A31 (Blue)
Φ60 75 2,000
A11-CB40M A21-CB40M
A11 (Red) A21 (White)
A31 (Blue)
Φ40 75 3,000
A11-CB25M A21-CB25M
A11 (Red) A21 (White)
A31 (Blue)
Φ25 75 5,000
A11-CB15M A13-CB15M
A21-CB15M A31-CB15M
A11 (Red) A13 (Pink)
A21 (White) A31 (Blue)
Φ15 50 6,000
A11-CB06M A13-CB06M
A21-CB06M A31-CB06M
A11 (Red) A13 (Pink)
A21 (White) A31 (Blue)
Φ6 30 10,000

Effective Use


  • In cases when the brush loses its shape, please press the tip of it to sandpaper on top of a board (or another flat material), and rub it gently to reshape. Also, please do the same operation for dressing.

[Depth of cut, Grinding Load]

  • Usage with excessive depth of cut and grinding load will not produce the desired results. Wear and breakage of the bristles and a considerably shortened life span can occur as well.

Precaution In Use

[Installed into Processing Equipment]

  • Please ensure each processing equipment's chuck component (collet, XEBEC Floating Holder , etc.) is plugged in securely to the end of the sleeve shank (the chuck component comes in contact with the end face of sleeve flange) while chucking. If not, it is possible for the sleeve shank to break during processing.

[Sleeve Shank Diameter]

  • Φ100: Φ16mm, Φ60: Φ12mm, Φ40: Φ8mm, Φ25: Φ8mm, Φ15: Φ6mm, Φ6: Φ6mm

[For the use of Φ100 and Φ60]

  • It is possible to mount and use with processing equipment that can control the number of revolutions, and depth of cut. However, please use one with a spindle motor output of 0.5kw or above.

Operation Safety Measure

[For protective Equipment]

  • Always wear protective goggles, gloves and masks when oparating the tool. Wear long sleeves, tight cuff, and clothing to minimize skin exposure.

[Pre- operation inspection]

  • When mounting on machines, insert the shank end all the way to the bottom of the chuck, and secure it tightly.
    Stop the tool immediately if you find anything unusual such as vibration; dangerous head or shaft breakage, deformation or even tool breakdown may occur.

[Beware of Grinding Powder]

  • Grinding powder and burrs may scatter within an area around the work as the tools revolve; please stay clear of this area.
    When using on high-precision equipment, the abrasive powder may adversely affect the sliding parts, so please be sure to collect any dust and keep clean the equipment.

[Caution to your surroundings]

  • The area around your work is hazardous in case flying pieces of fiber rods from the tools and grinding powder may scatter, enclose your working area to prevent other people entering, or have the people surrounding your work area protective equipment as well.
Operation Safety Measure


Product Code Rod (color) Brush Diameter Bristle Length Corresponding Sleeve
Product Code
A13-CB15M A13 (Pink) Φ15mm 50mm S15M-P
A13-CB06M A13 (Pink) Φ6mm 30mm S06M
A11-CB100M A11 (Red) Φ100mm 75mm S100M
A11-CB60M A11 (Red) Φ60mm 75mm S60M
A11-CB40M A11 (Red) Φ40mm 75mm S40M
A11-CB25M A11 (Red) Φ25mm 75mm S25M
A11-CB15M A11 (Red) Φ15mm 50mm S15M-P
A11-CB06M A11 (Red) Φ6mm 30mm S06M
A21-CB100M A21 (White) Φ100mm 75mm S100M
A21-CB60M A21 (White) Φ60mm 75mm S60M
A21-CB40M A21 (White) Φ40mm 75mm S40M
A21-CB25M A21 (White) Φ25mm 75mm S25M
A21-CB15M A21 (White) Φ15mm 50mm S15M-P
A21-CB06M A21 (White) Φ6mm 30mm S06M
A31-CB100M A31 (Blue) Φ100mm 75mm S100M
A31-CB60M A31 (Blue) Φ60mm 75mm S60M
A31-CB40M A31 (Blue) Φ40mm 75mm S40M
A31-CB25M A31 (Blue) Φ25mm 75mm S25M
A31-CB15M A31 (Blue) Φ15mm 50mm S15M-P
A31-CB06M A31 (Blue) Φ6mm 30mm S06M

Please use the brush together with a sleeve.


Product Code Type Axis Diameter Sleeve External Diameter Total Length
(including shaft)
Shaft Length Corresponding Brush Product Code
S100M for Φ100mm Φ16mm Φ110mm 162mm 40mm A11/A21/A31-CB100M
S60M for Φ60mm Φ12mm Φ65mm 150mm 35mm A11/A21/A31-CB60M
S40M for Φ40mm Φ8mm Φ45mm 140mm 30mm A11/A21/A31-CB40M
S25M for Φ25mm Φ8mm Φ30mm 140mm 30mm A11/A21/A31-CB25M
S15M-P for Φ15mm Φ6mm Φ18.5mm 90mm 30mm A11/A21/A31/A13-CB15M
S06M for Φ6mm Φ6mm Φ10mm 70mm 30mm A11/A21/A31/A13-CB06M

*S15M-P;external cylinder is made of plastic to realize user-friendly price.