Product: XEBEC Floating Holder™ BT shank

XEBEC Floating Holder  FH-BT 製品イメージ

Optional Tools for XEBEC Brush Surface A floating holder specifically designed for machining centers.
It is an optional tool for stabilizing the load of XEBEC Brush Surface.

A lineup for large diameter XEBEC Brush Surface (brush diameter Φ100, Φ60) is also available.

It is ideal for use in mass production line!


Extended brush life by up to 4 times!

• Due to more stable processing conditions, tool wear is reduced.

Reduce process management!

· Prolong the revision interval of the depth of cut and wire projection caused by tool wear.

Stabilizing quality!

· Edge quality is stabilized by reducing changes to cutting volume due to tool wear.

Schematic drawing

  1. Install the sleeve (brush) onto the floating holder, and fasten the shank fixation screw.
  2. By pushing the brush on the workpiece, the spring inside the floating holder will be compressed, causing heavy loads on the workpiece.
  3. Lower the brush vertically and make contact with the workpiece. By contacting the side of the workpiece to the brush, there may be a risk of damaging the brush due to the projection getting caught in the workpiece.
使用方法 イメージ

How to install a special bush

  • Match the shank fixing screw hole with the indicator, insert the special bush all the way, and set the shank fixing screw.
  • * This is a XEBEC Floating Holder specifically for machining centers for [FH-BT30、FH-BT40] XEBEC XEBEC Brush for Surface Φ25mm、Φ40mm. It is possible to install Φ6mm, Φ15mm by attaching a special bush which is sold separately.
  • * [FH-BT40-16] is the dedicated floating holder of machining center for XEBEC XEBEC Brush for Surface Φ100mm. It is possible to install Φ60 by attaching the special bushing included.

How to adjust the spring pressure

  • Spring pressure can be adjusted by turning the adjusting bolt.
  • Please loosen the lock bolt from the side of the tip using a hexagonal wrench (3mm).
  • Take out the pull stud bolt, use a hexagonal wrench(5mm) to move the adjustment bolt, and tune the spring force. Please stabilize the lock bolt against the adjustment bolt after adjustment.
  • Minimum spring force (F = 0, approx. 2N)
    By turning the adjustment bolt clockwise all the way until the end, the spring force is minimized. This minimum spring force is set by default during the shipment of our products.
  • Maximum spring force (F = 0, approx. 6N)
    As you turn the adjustment bolt anti-clockwise, the spring force becomes stronger. By turning the bolt anti-clockwise all the way until the end, after 6 anti-clockwise rotations, the spring reaches maximum force. Please note that after 6 anti-clockwise rotations, the floating function will not be usable since the spring will be tangled up.
  • * The maximum stroke (F) is 6mm. Please use within the stroke.
  • * Please be sure to tighten the lock bolt after adjusting the spring pressure. When used without tightening, it can cause the adjusted spring pressure to change and the floating part to malfunction.
バネ圧調整方法 イメージ
Product Code Model L F Φd
FH-BT30 BT30-FCF 8-75 75 6 8
FH-BT40 BT40-FCF 8-60 60 6 8
FH-BT40-16 BT40-FCF 16-90 90 6 16
Spring pressure F=0mm F=6mm
Minimum About 2N About 6N
Maximum About 6N About 10N

Precaution in Use

[Pre-processing Inspection]

  • Insert the shank of the chuck as far as it will go, when attached to the machine, be sure to tighten firmly fixed. Also, be sure to tighten firmly fixed bayonet, with screws holding the tool shank to the back of the mounting shank XEBEC Brush for Surface.
  • Please perform a trial run of more than 1 minute before processing, or more than 3 minutes of trial run before replacing the machines or tools, and check the components for any looseness, deflection or any other abnormalities before use. Even if there is no problem in the commissioning, if an error has occurred and vibration while in use, please stop using it immediately. It is dangerous if there is a risk of shank missing, broken, deformed, or damaged.

[Dry & Wet Processing]

  • During dry processing, please use a dust collector to remove the dusts generated from the process. During wet processing, please do not directly spray the coolant at the holder. The floating function will become nonfunctional if dust or coolant is caught inside the holder.

[Mounted into the machining center, etc.]

  • When mounting the machining center, etc., please do not use the floating holder with pull stud bolts that have cross holes (center through style). If coolant gets inside the holder, the floating part will not work.
  • When using with a horizontal machining center, the spring load will become low, and there may be a possibility that the float function may stop functioning. Please be sure to confirm the operation before use. We recommend using at high load or a replacement for springs used at high load.
  • * FH-BT40-16 is for the use of vertical machining center. It is possible for the cutting fiber's weight's infeed load to change, and the floating holder becoming unusable even when using the horizontal machining center and with maximum spring force. In that case, it is necessary to replace the spring at an extra charge.

Operation Safety Measure

[For protective Equipment]

  • Always wear protective goggles, gloves and masks when oparating the tool. Wear long sleeves, tight cuff, and clothing to minimize skin exposure.

[Pre- operation inspection]

  • When mounting on machines, insert the shank end all the way to the bottom of the chuck, and secure it tightly.
    Stop the tool immediately if you find anything unusual such as vibration; dangerous head or shaft breakage, deformation or even tool breakdown may occur.

[Beware of Grinding Powder]

  • Grinding powder and burrs may scatter within an area around the work as the tools revolve; please stay clear of this area.
    When using on high-precision equipment, the abrasive powder may adversely affect the sliding parts, so please be sure to collect any dust and keep clean the equipment.

[Caution to your surroundings]

  • The area around your work is hazardous in case flying pieces of fiber rods from the tools and grinding powder may scatter, enclose your working area to prevent other people entering, or have the people surrounding your work area protective equipment as well.
Operation Safety Measure

Specifications Table

Product Code Corresponding Tooling Corresponding XEBEC XEBEC Brush for Surface Brush Size Corresponding Shank Diameter Floating
Length below Gauge Line Spring Load
When actuated for 0mm stroke When actuated for 6mm stroke
FH-BT30 BT-30 Φ6, Φ15, Φ25, Φ40 φ8mm
φ6mm(with optional bushing)
6mm 75mm Approx. Min. 2N to Max. 6N Approx. Min. 6N to Max. 10N
FH-BT40 BT-40 60mm
FH-BT40-16 BT-40 Φ60, Φ100 Φ16mm
Φ12mm(with included bushing)

 * Included bushing will be used for Φ60
 * Optional bushing will be used for Φ6 and Φ15
 * Spring is set to minimum pressure at time of shipping
 * Spring Load can be adjusted with hexagonal wrench